We BIFO will participate in Fispal Tecnologia, a packaging exhibition in Brazil.
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        On June 14, 2024, a noteworthy day, we BIFO's manager of general and deputy officially embarked on a journey to Brazil, where they traveled to participate in a packaging exhibition Fispal Tecnologia.

        The general manager and deputy general manager personally went to the exhibition, reflecting the company's high concern for the development of the industry.

        In the following time, they will go deep into the exhibition site, communicate and discuss with industry experts and excellent enterprises from all over the world, bring our company's exquisite technology and rich experience, and develop a broader market for our products. It is believed that this exhibition trip will surely inject new vitality and power into the development of the company, and promote the company's continuous innovation and breakthrough in the field of packaging.

        Let's look forward to them bringing back a full harvest from Brazil and writing a new brilliant chapter for the future development of the company. Meanwhile, we will continue to follow their developments in Brazil and share more relevant information with you as soon as possible.

        By the way, our booth is G160c, welcome to visit us!


June 14, 2024

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